Assets Data Service (ADS)

Reference data service

Why Assets Data Service (ADS)?

Meeting the Business Challenge

ADS is a managed financial data service for corporates, treasuries and financial institutions to comply with their requirements for independent reference and pricing information to support their processes, including valuations, regulatory compliance, risk management and reporting.

Emanon ADS has been developed on request and in co-operation with our clients requiring independent financial data to valuate their investment portfolio holdings, transactions, to calculate risk, regulatory and performance metrics and to improve the quality of management reporting. The quality and reliability of reference and valuation data is key to become an accurate and detailed insight in portfolio valuation, performance and, risks.

Solution overview

Leveraging Emanon’s modern and flexible Phaedrus® SaaS platform and Interactive Data’s financial information service, ADS delivers a managed data solution for reference and pricing information in a way that makes data integration significantly easier and that helps to increase operational efficiency, while reducing the costs associated with data management.

ADS provides access to Interactive Data’s global coverage of 10 million instruments, across an extensive range of asset classes, including Equities, Fixed Income, FX&MM, Derivatives, Funds and Indices. Clients can leverage this data on a timely basis with event driven data delivery capabilities.


The Assets Data Service (ADS) can offer the right managed solution for the complex process of delivering financial data to business applications.

  • Managed financial data service
  • Superior coverage, data quality and consistency
  • Leading edge technology
  • Fair pricing model
  • Flexible delivery

Flexible and configurable delivery capabilities give clients the power to put data where it needs to be: on a desktop, in an application or applied to a workflow. These capabilities include FTP, SFTP and XML-based file delivery, a web services API as part of our managed data service.

Assets Data Service Clients


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