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Why UPO WebConnect?

Meeting the Business Challenge

Launched in 2011, the national Pension Register in the Netherlands, provides every Dutch citizen an online overview of his or her accrued pensions at both pension funds and insurers. The information is made available as a uniform pension statement (UPO), which shows the accrued pension rights and expected benefits of individual pension plans.

The launch of the National Pension Register has caused many obligations to pension funds and insurers to provide the accurate individual UPO’s in a timely matter. Emanon’s UPO WebConnect helps pension funds and insurance companies to meet these obligations, providing you the following benefits:

  • A complete, scalable, secure and flexible solution for the delivery of UPO’s
  • Easy to integrate with your pension administration solution
  • Future proof as Emanon have been providing the UPO service since the start of the Pension Register and has always acted as lead vendor (koploper) with the development and testing of new functionality.

Solution Overview

Standard package

  • Processing UPO required information
  • Information validation and control
  • Information correction
  • Consult UPO information
  • Processing Reference index
  • Processing Information Requests Pension Register

Premium add-ons

  • Consult static information
  • UPO / Word merge
  • Email module
  • Participants Portal


UPO WebConnect is a SaaS solution available via Emanon’s Phaedrus Platform: No additional cost for hardware or software, only an internet connection and a web browser are required.

UPO WebConnect is available as a standard package or as a premium package. The standard package includes all required functionality as requested by the Pension Register. UPO WebConnect Premium includes additional functionality to improve the communication to your participants.

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