Efficiency in Employee Share Plan Management

Why PeopleStock?

Meeting the Business Challenge

PeopleStock provides an easy-to-use and scalable solution to manage your Employee Share Plan and the associated trade life cycles. The required modules differ from client to client and depends foremost on the rules governing your Plan and your business requirements.

Emanon’s PeopleStock has been designed to support companies in the efficient management of their Employee Share Plans. Due to the flexible set up, PeopleStock is able to support any type of Employee Equity Plan and can easily be configured for the management of alternative plan types, including bonds and option plans and/or multiple plan types for different entities in different countries.

Solution Overview

PeopleStock’s, functionality and features include:

  • Automated upload and change of participants information from f.i. your HR Solution.
  • Automated matching of buy and sell orders
  • Automated SEPA in- and excasso
  • Compliance checks in accordance to the Plan governing rules, legal requirements and business rules
  • Flexible reporting (including to Excel)
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Secured Participants Portal
  • Equity register
  • Dividends (including cash and stock dividends)
  • Loans module
  • Savings accounts module


  • Manage your Equity Reward Plan and changes efficient, accurate and cost effective
  • All changes are stored in and made available from PeopleStock historical database improving transparency, compliance and auditability.
  • Improve the information and communication to participants and management
  • PeopleStock is a SaaS solution available via Emanon’s Phaedrus Platform: No additional cost for hardware or software, only an internet connection and a web browser are required.
  • Our unique approach in consultancy, scoping the required modules and implementing your plan in PeopleStock provides you the plan centric functionality you need.

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